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Advancing Community Supervision Strategies

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For decades the field has made great strides utilizing technology to support the community corrections profession and improve the outcomes of persons under community supervision. Organizations such as American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) and National Institute of Justice (NIJ) continue to explore and support this topic area; most recently with NIJ sponsoring research technology, specifically focusing on current products and their functionality. APPA’s longstanding Technology Committee continues to provide information and guidance to the field addressing important initiatives through the development of issue and position papers.

As NIC explored the current state of the use of technology, it became apparent that the field was informally sharing information about their use of technology, however, there was no formal mechanism in place to share information or a repository to store and highlight the experiences the field was having using technology.

Because agencies providing community supervision must rely on the most recent evidence- based research, NIC is invested in promoting equally important topic areas included in this micro site that target human resource related technical skills, staff support, and topic areas supported by research and evaluation. A number of topics are covered from tried-and-true methods to new and innovative practices.

This micro site contains information and resources for advancing strategies for community supervision, each topic area will provide a discussion of how it applies to supervision, samples of policy and protocols, stories and testimonials from the field including pros and cons to consider.  

NIC does not endorse nor recommend any of the products or topics discussed on this site, rather the intent of this microsite is to provide comprehensive information that will assist you in making more informed decisions regarding the use and implementation of technology, programs and practices.

Please contact us if you have additional information that you believe would benefit others in the field on specific topics and it will be considered for inclusion.