Justice Involved Veterans Network

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JIVN Working Group Report, June 2016

The Vision for the Network

Our Justice-Involved Veterans Network has:

  • Identified processes and best practices
  • Created public awareness on justice-involve issues
  • Thereby Improving the lives of justice-involved veterans

The Mission as a Network

We are a network of community, local, state, and federal partners Identifying and developing innovative and holistic approaches That assist justice-involved veterans.

Greg Crawford - Justice Involved Veterans Network

Justice-Involved Veterans Network Membership

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Network Members:

  • Basinger, James - Dept Commissioner, Indiana DOC
  • Bell, Gary - Operations Manager, Facility Operations
  • Blue-Howells, Jessica - Deputy National Director, Veterans Justice Programs
  • Booth, Cindy - Reentry and Release Administrator
  • Burek, Elizabeth - VTC Coordinator
  • Ceballos, Patricia - Reentry Services Manager, San Diego Sheriff's Office
  • Clark, Sean - National Director VJP
  • Charlier, Jac - Executive Director TASC-CHJ, Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative
  • Darcy, John - Guidance Specialist for Veterans Services
  • Eakin, Danny - Administrator, Office of Veteran Policy and Programs, Ohio Department of Veterans Services
  • France, Duane - Co-Director, SMVF TA Center
  • Gray, Cynthia - Justice Involved Veterans Program Manager
  • Harris, Ph.D., Blake - Director, Veterans Mental Health Department, Texas Veterans Commission
  • Harrison, Donna - Criminal Justice Director, Virginia Department of Veterans Services
  • Jackson, Michael - VTC Judge
  • Keesling, Tim     
  • Muhammad, Malik - Orange County Corrections, FL
  • Owens, Stacey - Military and Veterans Affairs Liaison/SAMHSA
  • Rosenthal, Joel - National Training Director, Justice Programs (Retired)
  • Seamone, Evan - Veterans and Service Members Legal Clinic
  • Seward, Col. Jim - Council on Criminal Justice/Veterans Justice Project
  • Self, Ron - Director of Veterans Healing Veterans from the Inside Out
  • Skinner, James - Sheriff, Collin County Texas
  • Stewart, Katie - National Coordinator VJO
  • Tate, Butch - Chief Counsel, NADCP/Justice for Vets
  • Watson, Patricia - Psychologist, NCPTSD, VA
  • Williams, Terri - Justice Involved Veteran Program Manager

National Institute of Corrections:

  • Crawford, Greg - Correctional Program Specialist, Community Services Division
  • Richards, Scott - Correctional Program Specialist, Prisons Division
  • Watson, Glenn - Correctional Program Specialist, Jails Division


Network Meeting Documents

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