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Corrections Environmental Scan

Corrections Environmental Scan

Now in its 16th edition, an updated online version of the Corrections Environmental Scan 2021 is presented here. It continues to evolve into a popular tool that corrections practitioners use to inform their work in jails, prisons, and community supervision.

The report is arranged into five topics: Population Demographics, Economy, Workforce, Technology, and Statistics, with the special highlighted topic: Coronavirus. The Corrections Environmental Scan is intended to give a broad overview of the latest news and trends in these topics, from the corrections, domestic, and global perspectives.



Worldwide activities, policies, or issues.


Activities, policies, or issues related the United States.


Functions carried out by government agencies involving treatment, supervision, or punishment of individuals in the criminal justice system.



Resources that provide information on the tools and machines used to solve problems, make our lives easier, or do new things globally, domestically, and within the field of corrections.


Resources that provide information on production and consumption globally, domestically, or within the field of corrections.


Resources that provide statistical data on the age, gender, and income of the global population, domestic population, and the corrections population. 


Resources that provide information about the people engaged in or available for work globally, domestically, or within the field of corrections. 

Special Topics

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The National Institute of Corrections publishes this compilation of resources each year as an overview of what research indicates to be the trends in the corrections industry each year.
Accession Number: (2018) 033176, (2019) 033431, (2020) 033563